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“Metaglycon” is the result of the collaborative work between two essential components: L-Carnitine and Date Palm Polyphenols. The Polyphenols work to reduce the process of sugar accumulation into fats and utilize Glycogen and fats as the primary sources of energy for the body. L-Carnitine enhances the efficiency of transporting fatty acids and Glycogen, along with improving the efficiency of the circulatory system, resulting in the body being able to rapidly and continuously access energy. This leads to a feeling of vitality, freshness, and increased energy as the body efficiently utilizes its internal energy sources.

METAGLYCON (เมตาไกลคอน)

Date Palm Polyphenols

Date Palm Polyphenols act as the powerhouse of Metaglycon. They contribute to controlling the synthesis of glycogen into sugar, regulating insulin levels, and reducing the death of Beta Cells. This results in the body storing glycogen in a reduced fat form. When the body requires energy, it first uses carbohydrates, then glycogen, and finally converts stored glycogen into fat as an energy source, in that sequence

When the body receives an appropriate level of Date Palm Polyphenols and consumes fewer carbohydrates than it requires, these Polyphenols assist the body in converting glycogen into sugar and utilizing energy more effectively. This means that the likelihood of the body transforming glycogen into fat is reduced.

However, if the body receives a high amount of carbohydrates and experiences insulin spikes, the Polyphenols work conversely. They aid the body in reducing the absorption of sugar, maintaining insulin levels within normal ranges, and keeping the Glycemic Index (GI) at an appropriate level. Essentially, this leads to similar outcomes in that the body reduces the process of glycogenesis, where sugar is converted into glycogen and glycogen into fat. Additionally, it stimulates the process of glycolysis, causing the body to convert glycogen into energy more efficiently, similar to the first scenario.

Therefore, researchers believe that Date Palm Fruit Polyphenols are agents that can help counter the development of diabetes.


The crucial components in the genesis of Metaglycon are derived from the amino acids Lysine and Methionine, which the body synthesizes. These amino acids play a role in transporting fatty acids to various cells in the body for energy utilization. Furthermore, certain research suggests that L-carnitine may assist in delivering oxygen to muscles and improving blood circulation, thereby reducing muscle fatigue and post-exercise muscle soreness. It also aids in the efficient recovery of the body following physical activity.



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